“Adding Beef To Your Bottom Line” “Adding Beef To Your Bottom Line”
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The Hereford breed is an underutilized tool that will add value to most operations.  The heterosis gained from crossing Hereford and Angus cattle has been documented in many studies over the last 10 years. Herefords add fertility, vigor, feed efficiency, and docility.  Cattle that are easy to handle, gain more weight, don’t tear up facilities, are more enjoyable to work with, and have increased fertility means you are getting more out of every dollar.  I have listed some of the highlights from various research articles focusing on profit and longevity, and provided a link to the full article where you can read more about how Hereford cattle can improve your herd.  These articles focus on Hereford-Angus crosses, but Herefords can bring the same traits to other breeds in any crossbreeding program.   *The Harris Heterosis Report was a three-year study comparing Hereford-Angus cattle to pure Angus cattle.  The report showed a $30 per head advantage to Hereford influenced steer calves in a vertically integrated system. The study also showed a 7 % increase in conception rates for black baldies over purebred Angus.    *Page seven of the report is very interesting, showing maternal heterosis for black baldie females having a 38% longevity advantage as well as weaning off a 25% higher cumulative weaning weight. http://www.hereford.org/static/files/HarrisHeterosisReport.pdf   *In an article published in BEEF magazine in November of 2007, California State Univeristy-Chico compared profit from purebred Angus      versus Herford-Angus cross steer calves.  From birth through the feedlot and carcass marketing phase, Hereford influenced cattle made $77.73 more per head. http://beefmagazine.com/genetics/selection-tools/heterosis_boosts_bottom   *Circle A Angus showed a $51.4 advantage for Hereford-Angus cross cows per cow per year.  So, over the 10-year life period of a cow that is a savings of $514.      Also at Circle A in 2009, 75 Hereford-Angus bred heifers averaged $110 more per head compared to their purebred Angus counterparts. http://www.hpj.com/archives/2009/may09/may25/Hereford-Anguscrossprofitab.cfm   *On October 19, 2013 at Circle A Angus Ranch, Hereford-Angus cross heifers averaged $529 more per head compared to their purebred Angus counterparts. http://www.hereford.org/node/9290 There is a consistent documented advantage to adding Hereford genetics to your herd.  At Coon Hereford’s, we are working hard to provide high- quality Herefords to “add beef to your bottom line”.  Ask me how our Herefords can improve your herd!
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